Welcome To Our Campus"I have no special talent. I am the only passionately curious" - Albert Einstein

KOMMAGHATTA is a village twenty kilometers to the south of Bangalore, not very far from kengeri, the nearest town. The campus is located on a large piece of land near the village.The school is built on a sprawling area amidst lush green trees having a natural, pollution-free atmosphere which is a crucial need in today’s world. The school is well-known for it’s friendly and healthy atmosphere which adds to the beauty and integrity of the school campus.

School surrounded by Lakes, Temples, Nursery’s, crop fields, Garden and football stadium with traffic free environment

Campus is over 1.5 acres comprises a series of naturally lit, airy classroom clusters or wings, each with its own bright, cheerful atrium open to the sun and sky. Indoor and outdoor spaces intersect and flow into each other, so that children can learn, draw, paint or invent in natural light. Children engage with the campus in many ways, including attempting the graded adventure course that loops around the buildings. Their artworks and poems light up the corridors, lobbies and walls, their imaginations enhancing the environment. Thus making VKGK one of the top schools in Bangalore with the best school campus.